Old thing




Amphetamines blossoming in my royal flood of thought
I am the wild beast and the silence collector 
The willow of elders 
My thirst for nothing and death of generosity is awake and feeding on the pictures of my past
A rouge for nothing, I am placid
Satans sapphires could not entice me
The glow of May and rest of June will not open my eyes
I have no need for dreams or the tenderness of angels
Red hymns do not play for my ears
I am no more of ivory
I wait for the ripple of day and nausea of night
Oh! The burning night 
The dancing of orange skies in the dying sunset

no more do they give me pleasure
The discomfort of daylight overwhelm my sobriety
My fields of blonde are dry


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HCE's picture

That's the shit i'm talking about dude!

This is you at your best in my opinion! But pay no attention to me, i'm just a drunkard who wishes he was a writer.