Aimless Thought

Gazing through the cloudless sky;

I heard the broad daylight sigh,

As my mind wanders in aimless thought;

My spirit flees and floats;

Into the empty pale blue space;

Void of flickers - in the night;

Even the moon is out of sight;

Makes me wonder in soft aside;

Oh, where did you go and hide?

Looking through the waveless sea;

Far beyond the wilting day;

The glimmering summer sun - touches its face;

Lightly though, with warm embrace;

As my hopes and dreams

Are carried by the stream:

No longer fickle;

No longer feeble;

The noontide ebb at sunset swells.

Seeing through the plains and wilderness;

Fruitless aspirations burned to ruthless ashes;

Gone are its grandeur and imposing lure;

Habitation no more for precious creatures.

Once again, the mother nature starts to loom;

Every nook is adorned with colours of the blooms;

Charming my spirit and warming my soul,

As they freely roam from room to room;

Looking up high on a cloudless sky.

~Greenmeadow@Novemeber 29, 2006~

Author's Notes/Comments: 

~This poem is inspired by the serenity of the solitude each time I travel around looking aimlessly at the sky~

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Kris McConnachie's picture

Very vivid imagery, reading it kinda brings out a peaceful vibe.
I really enjoyed it as person who also enjoys the solitude of looking up the sky.