Wayward Muse


I made a sacrifice earlier today
on a poem.
There was an internal rhyme
that seemed mighty fine
but compromised where I was going.


Well not “where”, but more like
It begged a detour that the flow
just couldn’t allow.


So I trashed it, reluctantly,
like an old love letter
so ancient a past
it hinders your future.


But still it lingers.
So, deviantly,
I devised an escape
in a new set of stanzas
where I could release
the beast forgone in the previous song:


                     A new playground
                     in which to frolic
                     unencumbered by the logic
                     to corral wayward muse
                     to where it belongs.



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Rhyme Scheme

There is a tale of search and arrest here. A plan but the antagonist had many supporters and a muse ended up pilloried. Good scheme - enjoyed 3x - fun to read - slc