This wave of relief
has kept me buoyant for long
but I can feel the ride subside
like my favorite song fading out.
Reach the bottom
and the cycle refreshes
creating doubt, fears and regression.

Driving around, looking for the next high,
the next love to lock eyes with.
And everything’s a reminder:
The livelihood of the roads around me
a juxtaposition for my dying attempts.
So I adjust the positioning of my mirrors
but all they do is reflect
what’s behind me.

So I avert my vision:
trade retrospect for unknowns.
Look ahead to travels of which I’m unsure
But the scenery looks kind of familiar,
the greenery bends in a way I’ve seen before,
and I’m not certain, but I think my favorite song
is about to come on the radio.

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Phenominal Bookcasing

The song fades, the favorite about to be radioed - the rear viewed miror is a fabulous image too :D slc



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simple, clear. Like it.

...within these poetic metaphors
many of us have been there before
but un-like that radio song just played
here you have musically stayed

Sometimes, you just get it.