your eyelids, a drape over sunshine


Maybe I speak prematurely,
chattering to fill the silence.
'Cause when around you
I'm a hurried verse
with many revisions,
scratches, incisions in words,
strikethroughs, do-overs,
to get it right.


A bumbling fool
fumbling for the proper inflection
to position around your ears.
But I think all you hear
is discomfort, indecision
at the collision between
our stares:

             your eyelids, a drape over sunshine
             and how cold my face goes
             when you blink.


Not that I'm terribly savvy
to your ways;
I've only known you
for a fistful of days
but clench the moments
should our future meet with disarray
and I be forced to revise once more
what to say.



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palewingedpoetess's picture

Oh the poet in me cheered when reading this one...........

This one is even better. Spectacular way to phrase your thoughts. I hope you sent this to the person you wrote it for. He or She I am sure would truly appreciate it and marvel that such a piece had been written with them in mind. Please keep sharing with us here in our big little community. I'll read more of your work, Sincerely , Melissa Lundeen.