A Day With You (Ana)

It's just her style:

doing things without even

noticing herself.

Enchanting the wilderness

around her,

as thornbushes sway

into song and dance,

and unaware,

she walks away.

I'd love to tell her

that she's building up

a beauty;

an army of angels

behind her,

filling up.

But it wouldn't suit her

to pay it any mind,

she tells me.

She'd rather leave behind

her story

just for a chapter

with me.

       "Why worry

        about the past?

        Yesterday's gifts

        are already recorded."



                 she gazed at me,


         "what more

          could a girl be rewarded?"

As she lay, beside me,

coated in light,

like the afterglow

of a supernova.

And feeling her angel breath

s  c  a  t  t  e  r


across my chest,

made me pray

it never be over.

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