Slow Dancing

Slow dancing

In nightshade.

Within moonbeam's spotglow...

Soft touch of red silk

Pressed up against me.

As we hover

Side to side.

Shoes off.

Unlaced sighs.

Bare feet

Planted on a dampened patch

Of grassy shade --

We lightly stepped

And pressed the darkness

Clean away...

I swear I saw the moonlight

Catch your eye.

And I gasped

At the virgin reflection

I witnessed.

You cried a solemn tear

And with swiftness

We danced cascades of clothing

To the ground --

They fell

In slow motion

Barely making a sound

As they puddled around

Forming a tiny ocean

For our toes...

That night

We lived the unending song.

And with bare bodies

Rubbing along.

Skins interwoven

Crept into each other

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