Storm Coming


I feel a storm coming.

Her eyes will soon swell up

And it's gonna rain...

Acid blood droplets

Will claim

A space within my open veins.

Wither me from insides out

And course along my bones.

Torrential fears will cleanse me,

Making craters of already emptied out potential.

Then I'll sacrifice my essential realities

To fantasize about the days

When suns would tantalize with rays so luscious

Skies that smiled at me.

I feel a storm coming.

Will soon witness the mirror-sky erode --

A hail of falling glass

Reflecting what I once had

Will slice my current skin

With memories of flawless pasts...

And clouds of pearl

Will wither into broken dust

To snow a frosty flurry

That will bury me

Inside my coldest worries...

I feel a storm coming.

The skies will bleed

A lust of fire

Drenching me with hungered desires

For the way it was...

A storm is brewing now.

So I will close my eyes --

The weather's fair

Within my head

Until I step outside

And realize everything is dead.

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powerful piece