Finger Food

I've been thinking about

Your voice, tonight...

The wind in your vowels

That coasts in its flight

Through my ear passages

And leaves them with tickling sensations.

Sweetest vibrations

That feel so gently right.

And I've had my eye

On your verse.

The poetic love you disperse

In lyrical cannon form

That I now rehearse

In hopes to somehow be like you...

And be with you...

Throughout this distancing curse.

This blistering hurt

That leaves me in agony

From all the ways that I long to exert

Just a finger to you

With nails that harbor menacing dirt

From all the times I kicked and crawled this burnt out earth

To find all your essence and linger in you.

Just one finger to you...

To trace your skin

So when I'm faced with darkened nights

I'll just draw out your silhouette in the wind.

Then maybe you can sing a breeze for me...

Yes... just a finger to you

To trace your lips,

Journey down your sides

And to your hips.

Just that finger for you...

Stuck between your pants

And open stomach space.

Fiddling with your plastic button

And zipper teeth.

Oh how I taste

The beauty hidden underneath.

The fire lake that burns for just a feather trace

Of that solemn finger for you...

The one that absorbs all your ghosts

Through a lightest touch...

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sexy poem
so romantic
and passionate