Fortune Cookie

All the while assessing.

An eternal stressing

Over what I am.

Some pretty window dressing

For a vacant plan.

All the life confessing

To my lord addressing

Issues I don't feel.

And begging for his blessing

And a simple meal.

Something for my mouth

That makes me scream and shout

Over all its taste.

But soon they'll kick me out

And I'll land on my face.

Greedy for your chicken bone

To pinch my taste buds all alone

With a salty tinge.

Salivating hungry moans

That make me cringe.

Fresh cut meat I so desire

Won't let me pierce its attire

With my dripping tooth.

Lips now set on fire

With the passion they exude.

Sweetest cookie.

I've reached when no one else was looking

For that sugar fix.

But now my soul is cooking

In its own abyss.

Clue me in as how to win

These true fortunes

That torture me today.

I've lived too long in my own sin

And since pushed them away.

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poetvg's picture

outstanding poem
i loved reading
the whole thing.