A Temporary Eternity

I can still hear you far away

So much left to say...

Eternity cut short

Now I'm left to sort this mess out on my little porch

With just some tree and ink.

Small fly-catching light illuminates my words.



And so I think.

And so I drink.

Yes... A little buzzed now from the flood of tears that haven't hit me.

How then, would you miss me

If I'm still so close?

A slightly severed frisbee

Thrown just out of your reach

And weary from the spinning...

Leaves me ever dizzy.

Fearful still... that soon this trance will break.

And I will breathe a lake

Through my own teary sighs.

Fading trance...

When you are gone

I'll stand on checkered party floors with none to dance.

And grab hold of the nearest counter top

So I may stand for just a little longer.

Try to whisper incoherent mumbling to my own ears

To try and make me stronger -

And if Time heals

Then strip me of my clocks.

I do not wish to count the micro-movement

Of the tick and tock.

And wait until I break the lock

That's ever snug around my heart.

Yes, soon I'll bleed off every pound of love that made me sickly glad.

And safe and sound I'll land into the dreams

Of all the things I could have had.

Sink into regrets of selfish broken pasts.

And recycle my pain

For when I want to rain

On all our memories

Since split it twain...

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poem :*).

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By the title, I knew this would be a good poem. But I didn't expect it to be as good as it was. The words just seem to flow steady together like a river, and the imagery is very real. Thanks for posting, keep up the good work!