At first I thought myself too clever

To get trapped in the scorching desert.

Yet here I lay

In the embrace of a cactus today.

Yearning for the sun to melt my skin

So that I may shed these pricks within.

Life, love... spin... your visionary wheel...

Show me where to fit within this sick ordeal

For I must admit:

I have once and only once felt these needles slide just deep enough

To scrape my guts and force me to a kneel.

And it was here... once it'd penetrated far and dear and caused its harm

That I could feel the warmth of every greenest arm.

My wondrous cactus... Was the pain a false alarm?

Or just a way to teach me patience through your soft assuagement?

But oh, how you can paint one black and blue.

Just when I feel the taste of something soft and true

I reach around for an embrace of you inside my sacred place

Only to meet with jagged needles on my long defiled face.

Oh wretched needle... reddened with my life.

So double edged and wedged between my pupil and the skies.

Lodged inside my fingertips with all the feeling you've revived

Oh Jesus help me if I knew it was a worthy sacrifice

Instead of fruitless aims and dirty packs of lies...

Oh you won't stop 'til I provide a bloody ocean with my cries...

Yes, only then... will I be gone...

But know my counterblow lives on...

Without me, you will surely die...

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i liked
this poem
i give it
a good score
in poetry :*).