Some Kind of Song to Share

We still breathe apart now.

So explain then how

I would listen to your gasp

And sleep forever here...

Yeah we still leave echoes

Of the moon and stars

Slowly sinking into bars.

These melodies unspoken.

So if you want, we can try now.

But we live our lives

Just one story at a time

In a faithful solitude.

So when you breathe... leave sunshine

On the hole.. in my eyes.

Let me see the one guide

That I trust...

And I'll send the rhythm

Of our silent song

Through the trees... into your arms.

In hopes that it belongs somewhere...

Let this rain from heaven

Soak a strand of your hair.

Something real and timeless

To regroup

All the voice we've shared.

And I will... be a shadow in your stare.

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sweet piece .