And you come to me... shrouded in your eternal warmth.

So you run to me.  Hoping so desperate what may come to be.

And like a fool, I block all potential advances

To keep us in our distant stances

So that I may stare at you from afar.

So you can be my little star.

So that one day... hey, just maybe

You could conjure up a remedy to save me from myself.

But always I do keep you on the shelf.

Forego a shared reality in favor of endless potential.

Bypass the torrential downpour that could be our combined cries

So I may play the little movie in my mind forever more

And stop it where I want.

Rewind to my favorite part that never happened

And set it on some lovely loop. Again and again.

Make my personal ending.  My grand finale

And change it accordingly.  Forever sending you

Whispers through an alley

That fade into the distance long before you hear them.

Yes... that dreamy distance.

Sacrifice what could be shared realities so sweetly nice

And keep you at a distance so that I may 'til the end of time

Fantasize what could evolve

And never lose our magic...

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poem :*P .