Butterfly Clip


Amber hair tumbles down in waves

And sends my knees into a crumble

As I stumble around hoping to plant my feet

So safe and sound on your terrene.

Do you know what I mean?

Do you grasp what it is when I say

How the strands of your hair color planets with their burning flare

Making all my compositions grey.

That tuft of Beauty's strings adorns your crown

Falling in endless fashion.

And stops at your butterfly clip

From which the flowing trail is absurdly split.

I can no longer trace my eyes over the once coherent path

That I thought I had all but grasped...

You now stand two steps away

Just out of my reach as I say

"What devil must I breach

To belong in the meadow of yours I seek...

Must I reach for a pebble of your rocky road

Just to be cast off as rebels when they try to take hold

Of a chance for the breathing of something untold...

Of a dance for the screaming of two foreign souls...

No... You will not let me take this road...

I must abide by the death of my cries

And bide my time for you...

Wait this mammoth line for you...

Stare into distant skies of lies before I find

My wicked prize.

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beautiful piece .