At Any Cost


Sigh for me.

Don't live a lie for me.

But say goodbye for me

And cry for free.

These tears at Guilt's expense -

They really cost nothing... Oh... maybe a cent

Or two...

Or maybe they cost loving

You know, that emotional pushing and shoving -

It really costs nothing... Oh... maybe a kiss

Or two...

Maybe a scent

Of each breathless whisper spent.

Dissolves into thin air

With all of the nothing it meant.

But still I do relish its fleeting existence.

And maybe one day, with persistence

I'll hear it -

These echoes of every thought that you let go -

They really don't cost that much... Oh maybe a touch

Or two...

Maybe these pennies can buy me a light.

A lamp to shed some contrast on everything we might become -

And show us more clearly the path that we run.

Outlay the sidewalk to follow

So that we may not have to borrow another shoe.

Right now mine are trail worn and ripping in two.

These sneakers that never do leave her -

They really don't walk that much... Oh maybe a footstep

Or two...

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"Maybe these pennies can buy me a light." - slc