If It Werent For You

October 2006

I love you so

So very much

Without you,

I surely wouldnt be here

You were there for me

All those times when all I wanted to do was die

I remember one night,

The scene so clear,

I was bruised and abused

And crying buckets of tears

But you were there

and you wiped them all away

You always cared in a different, loving way

Everytime I wanted to just let go,

You were there for me

I love you, so

I owe you everything,

If it werent for you,

Surely I wouldnt be here

Even if I were,

I wouldnt have any joy,

I had given up on love,

Being used and heartbroken one too many times

Didnt think I could trust another soul,

For everytime it was always the same old thing,

Everyone treating love as some foolish game

But you walked in and loved me for real

Showing me loves true meaning

Making me believe in it again

If it werent for you,

I wouldnt believe in love at all

So thank you,

Thank you for everything you have given me

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