Hello Mr. Sick

Hello Mr. Sick

You remembered me.

You've come back again

To revisit thee.


The first time you came

It was really bad.

Worst time in my life

That I have ever had.


Now you're back

To attack me again

It seems to me

I just can't win.


Have you come this time

For a very short stay

Or have you come this time

To take me away?


Whichever one

You decide to do

Make it quick

I'm tired of you.


So will you leave

Or just hang around

Till I feel better

Or a cure is found?


I'm in a lot of pain

Every night, every day

I pray to God

You go away.


But Cancer, this is what you do.

You hit, hide and then come back.

Compassion for people

You surely lack.


If you decide to stay this time

It might just be the end of me.

If not, go and don't come back

You, I really don't want to see.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was told I had Stage 4 Cancer two years ago. Recent events with my illness have gaven me cause to write this poem.

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