From 2008 and on

It's a dream that I have

A dream that I've killed

It was all too fantastic

To ever be real

But it rises from the ashes

Time and again

Maybe just to remind me

Of where I have been

But if the world is a stage

And I'm in the limelight

I'd want to be your Starlett

In a star-lit night

And my mind is fertile

With dreams that I dream

And maybe in your eyes

I can find that gleam

Do you dare to dream?

Do you dare to live?

And break out of the mold

That was growing so cold

Will you take my hand

Into the promised land

To turn away from mediocrity

And embrace our destiny

Or do we die before we get there?

So long in the making

But dreaming is free

And it's there for the taking

Your eyes are closed

And I'll sing you to sleep

While the moonlight glows

And the shadows get deep

And maybe this tune

Will rest sweet in your ear

And the cadence lull you

Until it's all that you hear

Author's Notes/Comments: 

8/29/08. I long to share this dream with you.

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Chelsea N.'s picture

Hello hello!
I am sorry that it has taken me so long to get back to you. I have been very busy. Anyway, you commented one of my poems, and requested that I check out yours. =] I really like this one, I love how the words flow together. IT gives it a rythm that is highly enjoyable to read. =]