From 2008 and on

Our love was essential

Passion was plentiful

Lost time is consequential

And heartache monumental

And you were so stubborn

And sometimes pretentious

And it left me so forlorn

And I felt conscientious


But every day, I close my eyes and pray

Wishing we had a chance, maybe one more dance

Then you could look in my eyes, and see past the lies

That my mouth wants to tell, cuz it knows them so well

My heart is so broken

Because things go unspoken

And my heart like a drain

Keeps on pouring the pain

But it has been filled

And it's gonna spill

Yeah, I can't be whole

Damn that self control

(Repeat chorus, "And, everyday, I...")

My emotions so pitiful

And you make a mockery

But it'd be meaningful

If only your heart could see

That now I have spoken

And I am so vulnerable

And I am so broken

  Does hope make me gullible?

And now I have spoken

And I've battled the storm

But my mast is battered

And my sail is tattered

And I'm sailing forlorn

Through the heart of the storm

Wishing I was,... in your arms...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I had just gotten done listening to STAIND and 32Leaves (bands) when I wrote this so in my head a guy is singing this. 8/28/08

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Chelsea N.'s picture

This one is awesome. I think that the emotion you were trying to convey is just GREAT. Broken people can really relate to this poem. =]