The Fate Of The Poet

The fate of the poet
is to be unseen during life,
unheard and unknown,
just the dreamer in the back,
the loner 'neath the tree
with pencil in hand, notepad in lap
and a distant look in his eyes.
And only after his demise
will he truly be appreciated.

But really, in all honesty,
is it not better this way
than the other way around?

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Emily Dickinson did not try

Emily Dickinson did not try hard enough...
or she could have had more readership in her life

that's my humble opinion



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Ah, so you noticed the Emily

Ah, so you noticed the Emily Dickinson influence. I think that in her time, yes she could have tried harder, but now it's very hard for a poet to be heard. Especially when most of the people I have met in my generation would much rather watch TV or play video games than read, of course this isn't always the case, but a lot of the time it does make being heard difficult.