The Soul Of The Tree

Oh how the soul of the tree must sing
when it reaches a hight of two hundred feet.
Oh how the rain splashes down
and the wind lashes out,
but the tree only shivers
and stretches its branches
embracing the storm.

And moonlight trickles
through bark-coated fingers
and soft leafy hair.
A tall, stong silhouette
creaks with a sigh of bliss,
it's gnarled, knotted eyes
keeping watch on the forest.

But deep inside the tree's great soul,
lies a feeling, a certainty
and it knows
and it waits
for an impending doom.

When that axe struck,
when the trunk cracked
and the bark flew
the tree did not scream,
nor did it cry as it fell,
it merely fell.

And as I stood by,
watching the murder
I couldn't help but wonder
if it felt any pain.

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I cannot bear to see a tree

I cannot bear to see a tree felled, It feels to me that a 'life' not a plant, is being destroyed and lost forever.

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What a beautiful poem.

What a beautiful poem. Thank you for your talent and compassion.
A number of researchers have proven plants and trees have feelings.
Perhaps the most famous is Chandra Bose, inventor of the radio which he demonstrated
in 1894, before Tesla, before Marconi. He was also knighted by Queen Victoria for
proving plant consciousness with his crescograph machine.

Others who have proven plant consciousness are reported in the book The Secret Life of Plants.

However experiments by a Mr. C.B. who dropped shrimp alive into boiling water at one
end of the room while plants responded at the other... were criminally violent.



Go-a-Green-a's picture

Thank you. I had never

Thank you.
I had never actually heard of Chandra Bose, nor had I heard of that book. But I was sure that plants, particularly trees, were more than meets the eye.