The sunset's blood spills yellow and orange,
The fern's new life within the sporange,
I tread the Earth's path so sweet,
the flowers crumple 'neath my feet.

The sky, it glows a bright new silver,
The ewe shall feed her newborn chilver.
Dance around the light of stars,
Paint the planet known as Mars.

And soon shall strike the inspiration,
entwined so soft with desperation.
The moon, it shines so florescent,
The glowworms shimmer, incandescent.

Watch the sky, it soon will fall,
The gentile mist absorbs it all.
The blood of demons spills and splashes,
marking you with quick, red lashes.

Piece by piece we'll watch the dreams,
It's just not always what it seems.
The feathers drifting, falling down,
Fill the streets, the vacant town.

A misty haze shall fill the skies,
Watch the fallen disk arise,
lined with silver and plated gold,
it brings the new and keeps the old.

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A poem about what how what we

A poem about how what we all know is real, can seem so unreal when looked upon from a different perspective.