Can't Rhyme Inspiration



Can't Rhyme Inspiration

Nothing rhymes with inspiration.
Well, yes, I know that's not true,
I know there's many words out there
but my mind isn't working right.

Writer's block,
the dreaded disease.
I can't write a thing,
a word is just a word today,
ain't got a single meaning.

Nothing rhymes with inspiration,
nothing at all today.
Nothing in my mind is clicking,
I just can't write that poem.

I scan the world outside my window,
looking for that simple word
that's stuck behind my mind.
I just can't see that light.

My mind is running far too slow,
the time keeps ticking by.
Why can't I remember?
Why can't I think?
Nothing's flowing right.

Nothing rhymes with inspiration
so I rest my head against the wall
and sigh with deep exasperation-

-My writer's block just ended.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a little poem about those days where you can't even make the simplest words rhyme. Writer's block, my long-time enemy.

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