some are good
and some are bad
many however are plain sad

Some are blonde
other's brunette
some are light
others are dark
we are all human despite

some are tall
and others short
so many wide
and many more thin
showing ribs they would rather hide

We have friends
and we have foes
we have cares
and we have woes

Some eat for pleasure
other's eat to live
some drink for fun
other's drink to hydrate

On this earth we all exist
but some live to love
and others Love to live
But many die so we may live.

To live our sound and happy lives
in search for the ultimate prize
glory fame or fortune
what you seek is what your heart desires
but to pay for your search
people must live in the lurch
for every pound we spend
the poor of earth lend
through cheap labour of kids
our commodities come
over pirate seas onwards
your trainers your top and your bag
the express of excess it is delivered
for people to have here
people must not over there
for if we all had equal share
we would all be poorer
but richer for it....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The poem kind degenrated I do intend to revisit.

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The average worker in Nike

The average worker in Nike factory works five weeks, just to earn the money that Nike earns on one pair of shoes. And that goes for most of the shit you buy in High Street Shops. The shops charge you 60 quid for a button-up shirt – that was made by a worker, who only earned 13 pence. And who said – the world isn't fair?

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The World Is Inequal

We compete for everything. Water, space, food, more than anyone else's. The prepared who sacrifice fairness and compassion win. A harsh lesson that most humans learn too late. - allets