May you use this new year

to grow upward and out of fear

and realize that the future is what's now and here

It's true that youth comes only once —

a train we're meant to catch and can't let pass,

but if we use this one-way ride just right, 

Like most in life, 

Once is more than enough 

Happy birthday! 

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Nice Birthday Wish

Always good to see you, your poetry is growing, maturing - "...to grow upward and out of fear..." is dazzling! :D




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thank you!!

Thanks! It's really humbling to see your comments, my friend. It's been a while, I have to catch up with your new poems. 

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I just Deleted

about ten political prose pieces written in anger. Now I have another kind of anger and lost of physical pain I don't know how to diminish. Tomorrow I go out and put bulbs in the ground - with bad hands and bad back. Very slowly. It is October 27 and the eleciton is November 7th. Early voting here has shown unprecedented numbers. Holding our breaths here. 


How was where you live affected by Hurricanes?