Let Me Get What I Want Don't

New in 2014

Let Me Get What I Want Don't 


I've always thought ......

I was a good man.

Perhaps, yet...... to find,

My purpose in life?

For don't they say .......

That there is a rhyme, 

and a reason ,

and a purpose,.... for every man.

To say, there is a rationale, in life.

You may, may hap, even know , but will most......? 

Who will certainly live, and definitely die.

Without, never knowing,what for,

Or perhaps,..... why.

Should you.....,if in the future, as, a memory?

When, a mere,... speck of dust on a wind.

Hear.... men speak,of what once,  you were.

Perhaps, they'll, hear you sigh,

Or feel your breath, or a tear?

As on your way to infinity....,



Pass them by.


Giajl © Jim Love 

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