Keep Moving

Falklands 82
Keep Moving

He hugged the ground,

Like it was his lover......
He smelled death,
So he did what he could,
To find some cover.
Hiding behind ......Blades of grass.!
Shrank so small,
He became  an ant.
Stay low.....
Move fast!
They screamed!
It echoed in brain.
Dash ,down,crawl.
He heard the words......
He did it all.
Drummed in by DS's boot.
From depot to Brecon .
He did it by reflex!
He did it as a drill!
He did it all the way up....,
That fucking hill.
May 82 I was that hugging bugger!
Giajl © Jim Love 
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great respect to you for

great respect to you for doing what you have done my mum lost her cousin on the sir galahad. i read your pro and i too believe there should be more help for ex service men/women when they get to civie street.thankyou for sharing your work and memories of the traumatic past. 

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Machine guns sent a stream of

Machine guns sent a stream of lead and tracer while the heavens rained molten lead. Men died all around me.

May 82 Darwin Hill in the South Atlantic

Paratrooper's don't die........ they go to Hell and regroup!!!

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Regrouped Paratroopers

Glad you got up the hill, and down again ~~A~~