Falklands 82



It was cold,
it took your breath away,
it was bloody deep.
It came to just under my arms
I’m six-two.
It was twenty metres of ice cold,
inky black,
ball shrinking hell.
That bastard behind me,
poking me,
knocking me off balance,
kicking the back of my legs,
a total pain in the arse.
He was next .
I started to giggle,
Not such a bad day after all.
He was only,
five foot.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was bobbing about in a landing craft in the south atlanic on the morning of 21 May 1982.
Thinking about the film "The Longest Day".
Luckily for me it was all a bit different.

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allets's picture

Fab Write!

It is a window into your past that hypnotizes - me. slc



Butch Lesley's picture

On a daywhen I needed a good laugh, I found this one. Is amazing how some of the best humor and funniest times come from our most trying and perilous moments.

Denzil Connick's picture

I had to laugh when I read this, only coz I was there too , (May 21 1982) and the short-arses always got a dunking. Still gave me a fright though...see my Landing Craft Poem mate!