The predators are out there .


No need for sunset ,

or the growing of the dark.

Their boldness is beyond compare.

They’ll strike during daylight .

To steal your child away .

So , let not them wander .

Slip from sight or grasp.

Always remember.

The predators are put there .


Just waiting for their chance .

Author's Notes/Comments: 

There are different types of wars being fought all the time.
I have two young children,and there are a lot of strange poeple out there folks.

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Angela Nussbaumer's picture

Yes, some people suffer from PTSD caused by the attacks of such predators. The suffering is as bad as the one caused by war experience, only the experience itself is different. Still, it can haunt you for a lifetime and it takes strength and courage to cope, and without help a victim will hardly ever be able to lead a normal life as an adult.

Cathy Choffin's picture

Jim, Excellent message in this little poem of yours. I like that you posted it, not only for the poetic value, also for the message you are sharing... Great Poem. Cathy