Sadness fills my soul

April 2021

Sadness fills my soul


For I have none with whom to share

And my life is barren

And lies, unfulfilled.

How I yearn for the love of another.

One with whom I can share.

Life is short

But when you feel lonesome 

when it seems empty,


It can last forever .

Giajl © Jim Love  

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Last New Year's I said I would work harder at making friends - I lost three. I offend people - I guess. I am not one to filter thoughts - maybe that wlll be next year's resolution. I have hobbies and write and re-read collections; finishing up Dune, 1st edition - (had to stop and glue binding and add more packing tape to spine) - avoiding folks all year (except Mother's Day). Isolatng is hard.

Mailed out duplicate books to young readers in home town, Port Huron, Michigan. Dinner was delivered by my nephew and I sent back with him a shoebox chugged full of novels (age appropriate) for his daughter, my grand niece. 

Here, today, was Thanksgiving Day. Next year I am going to the Detroit parade!  Snow expected Friday.

Blew diabetc diet - mac and cheese. Went to 24 hr store 8am - it was live! Folks buying slum roaster pans - I got peanuts and zero cal vernors. Holiday Munchies. Made pot of veg soup and mugged it all day. The smell was holidayish. Now decorating  for Christmas tonight. Will start with making oragami snowflakes for 7 windows. Ha ! I still make  Christmas for one and for anyone who looks up and across apt. Court to see my art and two Christmas trees. Off to oull out boxes of bulbs and one two foot and one four foot tree. Easy peasy and eats time!


Happy Holidays!


Lady A








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I published a couple of books on Amazon.

Paratrooper's don't die........ they go to Hell and regroup!!!