Precendently, Cupids Arrow...

April 2019

Precendently, Cupids Arrow...


Feathers preened,...... it flew.

I kissed, lips .... colder.

Than the tundraś chill winds,... 

ever, blew!

So now. 

Blow me a kiss.

An osculation, and cast it..... to

the wind.

Softly, say my name.


Within its whisperings.

It should, find me.

Though, my love, numb.

I long..... that icy maids, subtle touch.

Wishing, loves heat, might .....melt, 

a frozen heart.

And help, to.. liquefacere, once more.

Those lips.....

That "Jack",



kissed, long and deep, once before.

Giajl © Jim Love

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It is nice to see your

It is nice to see your writings again. Always enjoy your works. 

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