When The Written Word, Is....

September 2017

When The Written Word, Is .....


No more.

Then my fingers will then strum, different strings.

But until that time 


When there's a pause, and 

The world for me, ceases to spin.

The momentum lost.

When time has stopped, as has my heart.

And I savour the moment.

For it may be my last. 


the stars......

Lay scattered,

across a sky so black, it's colours....

merged, to a point, beyond... 


And they,

.....are, the brightest.

l've ever seen.

While the air is cool.... and, 

the sweetest, I've ever tasted.

My love dribbles, forgotten in mid flight

It's cast a drift, mid stream in life 

Cupids arrow a drib, 

For it has missed 

its mark

And I wander 


Only ......lonely !


Giajl © Jim Love 

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A Perfect Evening Read

To stare up at a dark sky and see brilliant stars - is accompanied by or causes a wondrous solitary moment. - Lady A -