Death Led The Chant

August 2017

Death Led The Chant



Here's to dead men, everywhere .....

Those, I know.

And those I don't.....!

A small reminder, of those who've past.

Like the sensation.

It might cause in your eyes.

To see.

Of a past, resplendent. 

Of an irritable tear.

Of a what if.....

Of a time, we danced.

Of a time, the gimpies roared.

And 81 was a round, and not a year.

When millimetres, were in the hundreds.

And they filled the air

When death stalked, silent dreams. 

We, walked amongst it.

We breathed, the air.

We stared death, in the eyes.

A Beyoncé of life.

Where, we never felt, the threat.....

of death

Where we stood together. 

And, history roared.

And, he may have touched me.

And, I remain scarred. 


But he never stole my soul....


Giajl © Jim Love

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American Lexicon Only

What is a gimpie? They sound pretty horrible. p.s.: love the UK throw pillows on the sofa! :D



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General Purpose Machine Gun 7.62 in use with the British Army and American Special Forces.

Paratrooper's don't die........ they go to Hell and regroup!!!