With nights, so cold, 

they froze, my very soul.

And a sky, so clear....

I could almost see, god.

The vast emptiness.

Seemed to stretch, forever.

And I wondered, who, could live here. 

Howling winds.... tore, and pushed... and, cut through you, like a knife.

We were, alone...

We were, the emissaries.

Of, St Michael. 

We were, the harbringers.... of death.

We'd come for. 

A war ......

Down South


To the end, ....... of the world ?


Giajl © Jim Love 

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I Think

of Thule, beyond the edge of the world (north) but cold and mythic - slc



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Falklands near Antarctica 

Paratrooper's don't die........ they go to Hell and regroup!!!