Salt burn, A Lifetime Ago, A

March 2017

Saltburn, A Lifetime Ago, A 


Walk on North Sea sands.

I stopped ...,

I looked, and stared, 

in wonderment.

Of how, lucky.....I could be!

Never thinking, it wouldn't last.

A moment, in time,

etched..... forever, 

in my mind.

I savour it, even now.

But it brings a hurt.

Of sweetness, now gone..... sour.

Of a love, that stood between. 

Me, and the sea.

On hill, in .....



Northern town.


Giajl © Jim Love 

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allets's picture

Nice Versification

A telling worthy of the moment - and the loss. Great penning, love the structure and the descent in tone. Well said, well received giajl. - Lady A -