What Caused Me to Wake this Night

March 2017

What Caused Me to Wake this Night


Was it, 

the whispering in the dark, 

from the foot of my bed ?

Or the silent screams, 

I hear, 

deep within my head ?

The thundering roar of, quiet.

Fills my world.

For emotion, has washed over my soul.

Like the lapping waves, of the outgoing tide.

It's sucked away my heart, 

in those ......  

Murky undercurrents, of life's undertow.

I hope it casts me back, ashore.

On beach, of golden sand.

Where I'll only see, blue skies.

And not, blue eyes.

Where I'll no longer see beauty, unsurpassed.

I'll only speak, with the crying gulls. 

I'll have no, forgotten ....memories.

I'll have no need, to dream.

It wasn't me, who said goodbye. 



Was love, as you left ....

Giajl © Jim Love 




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allets's picture

Been There, Felt That

"It wasn't me, who said goodbye/It/was love, as you left..." A universal for all who have been in love and left - bravo, Jim Love. Bravo! - Lady A -