Just Like.....

December 2016

Just Like.....


My wants.

Which are simple.

And oft, forgot, by......


I am ......of, another generation.

Left behind, alone.... 

In the shadows .

Once, I dreamed... I went to sleep. And never woke.

I have nothing left, to .....cherish.

I'll think of you, or 

Someone........ else.

Until, the memories, do fade.

Or, if .....I find another.

Or perhaps.

She finds, me !

I'm just stumbling through life.

I just thought.

Maybe, you could come along.

You've never seen me cry, nor saw ... my pain.

I've learnt to live, with the darkness, but, I'm still scared,

of what...... it brings.

I want to look, like, a god again ... 

just not 



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allets's picture


was no god to emulate and gods of the norsemen were  real hard on the eyes. Suddenly Siddhartha is looking pretty okay. Interesting take from love to god, yep cosmic write. May she show soon. -allets-