Those that See the Sunsets

Those that See the Sunsets 


Clouds, streaked..... the skies.

Fluffy.... pink, at first!

And then deepened.... Red.

Dark streaks .... Like blood.

Drifting off to gold... And sunset.

And, I thought, of those ......

Who, no longer, see......the skies.

Or, any other, colour....

Those, who.... 33 years ago.

Fought for, and climbed a mountain.

And never left.

Now remain, 

below blood red....

sunset skies,


On Mount Longdon.

Giajl © Jim Love 



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Wikipedia Account

None of that was ever released in the US media - or I had my head in the sand. Militaries are organized like small countries. the divisions and designation of battle groups, ships, PARA make me wonder how it is all kept straight by the command structure. Fatalities were heavily on both sides at Langdon. Bayonets through the eyes, grenades thrown through slits where enemy shot unchecked. Like a war movie, the article read. A lot of blood was spilled under those dark clouds streaked red and gold, tragically 17 year olds were killed there as well. ~A~