Sunlight at my back
One foot in front of the other

I'm building a home
Reliable and relaxed
With no roof so I can quietly ponder the clouds,
quiet little cubby holes where dreams are stored

A perfect melody presents me convenient doors that swing open
I can gaze past the projections with these
I can see the scholar in you, the saint
A compassionate satellite
that penetrates my dreams

Silent and vibrant
Piercing eyes that seem to part the seas of my thoughts
They weigh out the pros and cons of making a forced entrance upon me

Take what you came for,
treasure hunting sailor
Lift me off my feet and carefully mold me into your instrument, finely tuned to the rhythm of opportunities, a half decent compass

A lady of the night,
she secretly dresses herself up in feathery diamonds while she gazes, curiously analyzing,
gently, innocently, slightly aware of irrational thoughts

She makes the wolves howl and the birds sing,
a magnetic mistress who awaits sincere speculation
Genuine interest
from a man who will prove a permanent source of sunlight,
someone who will open their ears and wait patiently for the soft singing of a raven

She settles for the most convenient pleasure,
a mate who snatches a fragile flower, a promise of an attempt to edify,
but whispers oh so subtly of disguised dominance
He is a perfect screen for the projection of what she would expect to be her other half

She gives me rabies...
And maybe one day I will open her up and fill her wounds up with pieces of this heart, eager to heal
Light will cast the lightning-like nightmares away from her thoughts
Her delicate ears will be protected from the thunder

Or not...

Either way she makes me wonder

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palewingedpoetess's picture

Astonishingly good and from one so young...........

Kudos to you young poet. The young poet deep in me only wishes she could have been so intelligent and descriptively flowing as you were in this piece. Please share some more. Let us here in our big little post poems community see if you can live up to this first poem's hype of you. I eagerly await the next installment. Sincerely, Melissa Lundeen.

P.S. whatever you do, even if you don't post here, keep up your writing. I suspect it can only get better and that is saying something as this one was so stellar..............

running_with_rabbits's picture


oh man I REALLY enjoyed that!

welcome to pp!

Much Love