Catching an overnight Greyhound bus and hoping to snag a few winks along the way.  I try not to let it get to me but there are certain people that really annoy me.  The one guy really grinding my gears is purposely talking too loud.  It doesn’t seem rooted in vigor or enthusiasm but rather a desperate plea for attention.  Everyone is supposed to be impressed by his obnoxiousness.


I’m trying to catch my nap while this guy thinks he’s so cool.  He’s Mr. Comedian or Mr. Stud.  And he keeps blaring obscenities and wanting more and more attention than he’s getting.  I can’t sleep because of his racket.  My head is pressed against a towel placed against the window.  I desperately wanted to drift off to sleep.


Then at the end of this three hour bus ride he starts asking me if I’m all right and slapping me on the back as I walk down the aisle to exit the bus.


“ Yeah, I’m all right.:” I answer, “ I’m just fine.” 

He slaps my back two or three times still asking me if I’m all right. My teeth clamp down and I keep my tongue in check.  My muscles are beginning to tense up.  I was just glad to be getting off the bus and being free of this racket. 


I’m thinking how funny it is that this guy doesn’t realize how close he came to getting coldcocked.  This is one of those guys that doesn’t appreciate that I’ve read Gandhi and Thoreau or how much bodily harm would have befallen him had I not read such literature.




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Gandhi and MLk

Taught me that self-control late in life. It dispels anger without escalating to adverse action. ~S~



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think happy thoughts, think

think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts