That mean old spirit of poetry spiraling towards the vortex.  It ignores my pleas for reason.  All peaceful solution is dissolved.  The futility of the word has never been more apparent.  The bottom line is the bottom line and that is all there is to it.  It’s a fucking shame because it don’t benefit the people.  It don’t enhance or benefit the world at large.  Of course, poetry has lost its power because it does not speak to the people anymore.  The scholars and academics in their ivory tower fucked it up for everyone.  Now it’s a sham; a bunch of scholars sitting in the academy ruminating over nothing.  They stumble about with their asses all the way up to their necks.  Now the passions are boiling without control.  Trying to bring it down is futile.  No effort can suffice now.  My poetry is silenced merely because I do not speak it.  And profit is in the heart and soul but no one knows of it.  Maybe I better get my ass moving in that direction.  Gotta raise my voice!  Gotta get the volume above a whisper.  If I want to be heard, I have to open my mouth and speak.  It is time to rise up and take the poetry from the scholars and give it back to the people.


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The People

The folk define their own aesthetic. Learned during the 1960's to not frame a movement inside another cultural perspective. It gets eaten by the rhetoric of the apposition. In search of a new aesthetic the PM's got sassy and Rap emerged with counterparts in Rock classics. We have been killing people perpetually since 1776. The Rhetoric fades inside anti-war posturing. Dada and Surrealism were born attempting to denounce world war. Isolationist pedagogical writing across all genres has its revolutionaries. The ones who do not get tenured. Anger has a place in revisionism vs creationism. Celebrating  the profane is one way to counter-culturally Rock! Anti religion would raise a brow across disciplines and disrupt contemporary definitions, references, and allusions. Also need a Manifesto. Can't invent a new mental pathway in the aesthetic without one. ~ allets ~



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We were killing people

We were killing people constantly long before 1776 but the people always rise up eventually and claim their own aesthetics

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Cultural Evolutionary Forces


The folk rock!



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I think a lot of that can be

I think a lot of that can be blamed on the modernist movement of the early 20th century, when poets like Eliot and Pound made their poems dense with classical references that only scholars could easily define.   One of the reasons I did not become an English major as an undergrad was that the English department was so fixated on the modernist movement, and ignored every other kind of poetry for the most part.  They seemed to be frozen in 1965, the year Eliot passed away.  I was even openly told to "shut up" when, during a very exclusive seminar on Eliot to which I had been invited, I suggested that, perhaps, his first wife had not been as much of a shrew as the accepted scholary interpretations suggested.  For the rest of that seminar, three class hours a week for the next five weeks, the profesoor teaching it treated me with open hostility; and we never reconciled for the remainder of my time at that college.  Many scholars have danaged poetry, but a few still actually help their students to understand it.


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Just a general feeling that

Just a general feeling that we should focus on poetry by and for the people

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A poetry Patchwork Quilt


Psychosis and defense of dissertation content Vs poet over 30 years publishing - I recently acknowledged RAP - almost killed something inside my aesthetic - but die-hard rap audiences call it art-which is sad but here and a new genre - yeah, the source of something "new" or fusioned (gleaned from the all-culture). Pop Vs academic - in Michigan u must have a 501 c (3) Corp. sponsor to get a grant from the state. They serve as monitors and money goes to Corp to admnister - the entire $500.00. Ha! University presses r only interested in owning author's work. writers let publishers do that too across all genres. ~A~