Whitman couldn’t see past

the death of the moment

but he remained alive

in spite of melancholy

He continued to feel joy

in the wake of sorrow

He continued to see light

in the torment of darkness

now he stands before me

invisible but presence felt

a guardian angel to protect

when I stray into danger

I feel secure in the knowledge

and continue my path

understanding a song of joy

he requested me to sing

though I know not the lyrics




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The lyric is of the street, any street, side road, runway, path, alley, freeway, sky mile, back road. So long as a poet is marking the distance.




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I'm still striving in the

I'm still striving in the face of little resistance.

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Just Re-read


Nice tribute poem, also an encouragement to each of us regarding perseverence and survival. Great evonomics, writing that says more in less words. Nice.