It’s always complicated

but I don’t really

want to go off on a rant


you see—

the thing is—

I can’t tell you

that you deserve better

than the fate you got


It’s something

you have to discover

for yourself

and something you have

to talk yourself into believing


philosophical meandering

and psychobabble

have never been my strong suits


I’m just kinda raw

and really basic

and not up to providing

answers to the problems


It’s hard enough

for me to comprehend

the prospect

of being expected

to go somewhere

with my thoughts


I’m just so used to the freeform flow

This structure

is somewhat inhibitive


I wish you well

And even offer help

It’s just that I realize

when push comes to shove

I’ll probably be of little use





Author's Notes/Comments: 

the Clint Eastwood influence at play here

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You tell it like it is, and

You tell it like it is, and I admire you for that. Keep on keeping on!

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I call it as I see it.  I

I call it as I see it.  I don't know if that's the way it really is.

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Free Flow

from some is worth more than the agendaed. It is all about humans. Writers;  poets are card carrying members of the humanities.







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free flow is my latest

free flow is my latest fallback for my folly