We had our falling out
and she went on the warpath

I became the villain

in all her tales and pomes


And somehow

the best poem she ever wrote

is about

what an asshole I am


My response  was

to express pride knowing

I inspired her finest poetic moment


I sip my beer

and reflect

30 years later

still her finest work

perverse pride emerges

She probably doesn’t hate me anymore

She probably doesn’t

even think of me anymore


30 years later
still the best poem

she ever wrote

and I do toast a lot

when I drink


I can take twisted pleasure

even being the asshole
twirling my mustache

and howling with laughter


but, of course,

if people come

to love this poem

I suppose

she’ll have finally

returned the favor



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Post Her Poem

Let us vote for the winner. ;D

-Lady A~

              BLACK LIVES MATTER!

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I'm doubting she would let me

I'm doubting she would let me do that.