Poetry is

like therapy for me

I use it

to sort through

all my neuroses


I know I could

go to a therapist

but what would that solve?


It would cost me

a couple hundred bucks

per hour per week

for a couple years


and after a couple years

I’d be more screwed up

than before


so this way

with poetry

I’ll still end up

more screwed up than ever


but at least

I’ll save a shitload of money




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Call Some Hotline

It's free and you can talk sort neuroses out. Or call magazine companies and mess with them about what magazine you would rather have that they don't offer and mess with their neuroses. Then write a poem about it. Voila! Same outcome. :)



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I did call some hotline and

I did call some hotline and the lady wanted me to bark like a dog.  I did feel better afterwards so I guess it works.

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therapy will not screw you

therapy will not screw you up. poetry is an amazing cathartic tool. :)

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get the anger out in verse

get the anger out in verse and then let the joy seep back in.