Poesie not rising;


the moon at half force

           it’s invisible imps

     tap on my window


threaten to expose my failure

       & ample shortcomings


But to wallow

      in self flagellation

    accomplishes nothing


I find myself glancing

   a souvenir voodoo doll

            from the Big Easy

       glowers back at me


perverse ideas rise

    from ashes

       as I torment myself

     with linguistic exploits


the cardinal sin of vanity

       I glare down

    a German Shephard

detained by a chain link fence


I retain bragging rights

     for another evening


a rekindling of passion


Mother Earth and Father Sky


sprinkling a little nutmeg

   into the hard cider

        allowing the twilight     


            to flounder


Should have been other plans

             Plan B

               and Plan C

      never enacted


We sought the truth

       and found no answers


they said you just never know

      and that’s

         as close

    to truth as we ever came



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Ladt Verse

A gem!



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and probably never will.

and probably never will.