more saints

and martyrs

to inspire

lead us to glory

in this new world order

this new world order gone mad

in destruction of skyscrapers

left behind in vacant warehouses



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I Was Wondering

Where is the one voice of reason and vision - Unfortunately, no one is rising above the noise of everyone talking. ~S~



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We need more than one voice

We need more than one voice of reason and vision.  A couple billion voices of reason and vision would be helpful.  thanks for dropping by.

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I am guessing this is a nonette?

Interesting write in an interesting style on a timely subject.  ---   Stephen

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thank you, I am trying to

thank you, I am trying to experiment with a lot of these different short forms of poetry.  Nonette is interesting in the ascending syllable count.  I usually write words and then play with them to see if they might fit into a specific form.