I sit in Penn Station Bar

waiting out time

for an early AM train

& a drunken off duty cop

is telling me

that Deadheads are cool

and hockey fans

are a pain in the ass

& I politely nod

& agree with him

on every count.


It’s a bit embarrassing

as I just want to quietly

sip my beer and brood

but he puts his arm around me

and breathes toxic fumes

into my face

and I ponder the situation:


My whole reason

for killing time in the bar

was to avoid the insane characters

that typically waltz about

in Penn Station at this crazy hour.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

A bar that's no longer there.  I'm dating myself here.  Going back to the early 90's on this one.

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I Date Myself

referencing saddle oxfords and poodle skirts. :D

Lady A

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It's a sign of survival that

It's a sign of survival that you can remember things that are now gone.