a few


Praying Mantes

delightful fancies

of misspent childhood

clouds prancing across the sky

worker ants ascending their hill

left deserted in false nostalgia



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Dissonance Created

With "false nostalgia" - a tremulous spark exists between these ideas. Nice writing this. ~S~



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false nostalgia seems to

false nostalgia seems to dominate a lot of human souls

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Whimsical, clever and

Whimsical, clever and powerful illustrations of regret. The structure feels very significant, adding to a feeling of descent, of falling away from the summit of our best thoughts. Well done. 

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thank you, I like utilizing

thank you, I like utilizing different short styles.  It lets me work on discipline and keeps me from rambling endlessly

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That is a highly perceptive

That is a highly perceptive comment (as yours always are), and leaves me with nothing left to say, except that I heartily agree with your words, and I do very much admire this profound poem.  To put such profound emotion into such a short space is a sign of classic talent (and I cite the great J. V. Cunninfham as my source).

Enjoy effulgent days and exquisite nights.



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thank you.  I'm humbled by

thank you.  I'm humbled by your praise